Why Choose Biko?

Owner participation in every project
When selecting Biko as a supplier you know that either Julian Bish or Greg Kowalski will oversee your project and that they have a great amount of focus on you as a client and the outcome of the project simply because they are Biko company owners.

Solid track record
We are extremely proud of our delivery track record. We believe this to be an asset that is difficult for most of our competitors to match. Should you select Biko you will know that sustaining this track record is paramount in our commitments, planning and how we do business.

We bring business value not just technology
Our breadth of pragmatic commercial experience across multiple industries and clients allows us to add business value to your projects at the same time as we are integrating the technology.

Outstanding expertise in Internet integration technology
Because we focused early and have an in-depth R&D type understanding of software, we have a unique ability to deliver solutions and services across a broad range Internet integration technologies.