Biko has significant experience and expertise delivering data consolidation, data warehousing and reporting projects. We often find that our customers have valuable data stored across disparate systems such as Point of Sale, Reservations, ERP and Accounting applications, and that they want to easily view consolidated information such as benchmarking reports or other management information.

Our approach is to use the latest tools to deliver cost-effective reporting solutions that are scalable and easy to maintain and modify.

We’ve implemented data warehousing and reporting projects for several retail chains, gaming businesses and hotel chains including acquiring data, cleansing it and maintaining a central data warehouse then providing web based reporting with dashboards, drill down features etc..

We present reports via the web browser so that these can be easily deployed to your staff. We use familiar tools such as Excel to present the reports. This approach brings many benefits such as ;

  • It is cost effective to develop and deploy (no additional per-seat licenses required, assuming your users already have Excel)

  • Enables your ‘power users’ to take reports offline and conduct further calculations, manipulation of data etc as required.

  • Enables us to provide business intelligence features such as dashboards with graphs and charts as well as drill down features etc.

  • Your users are using tools already familiar to them, and so don’t require specialized training.

As with all of our professional services projects, our focus is on understanding your requirements up front, and delivering a quality and cost-effective solution without a heavy-handed approach.

Contact us and we will arrange a web meeting to show you some of the work we have done in this area, and discuss your specific reporting requirements.